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Introduction to Telecommunications Policy


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Table of Contents

Introduction to Telecommunications Policy


The Policy Makers

Federal Communications Commission

Common Carrier Bureau

Levels of Entry at FCC

How the FCC Works

When/How to Work With the FCC

State Regulatory Commissions

State Commissions

Major Differences

The Joint Board Process

The Role of Congress

Congressional Committees

The Role of Local Government

The Role of the Courts

1996 Telecom Act

More 1996 Telecom Act

And More 1996 Telecom Act

Major Regulatory Issues For Rural America

The Universal Service Problem


Major Problems

Non-Rural LECs

Non-Rural LECs FCC

Ratio of $100/mo+ Customers to Total

Proxy Cost Models

Reconsideration of 1st Decision

The 2nd FCC Decision

Problems With 2nd FCC Decision

Additional Problems

Additional Problems (Continued)

Schools, Libraries & Rural Health Care

Access Reform/Rate Rebalancing

Broadband Development

What Can Concerned Citizens Do?

Keys to Effective Advocacy

Keys to Effective Advocacy

Keys to Effective Advocacy

Author: Glenn H. Brown

Email: gbrown@mcleanbrown.com

Home Page: http://www.mcleanbrown.com

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